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Old 03-23-2010, 08:23 PM
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Lopez, what you said about socialism is exactly what Adam Smith said drives the capitalistic system (self interest and greed). And what capitalism thrives off of is big businesses running the show, exploiting and abusing the weak, to get a elephant size wallet to buy shit they don't even want. Big businesses in the world today set in motion advertisements to reinforce the ideology of self interest/greed over social welfare and benefits, so that they can continue to widen the gap between the rich and dirt poor, who in fact are the people that maintain the success of the rich. Karl Marx said that the majority of the population, which was and is the working class (at the time called the proletariat), is ruled by a minority of capitalists (at the time called the bourgeoisie). Most of these capitalists had and have become corrupt. And rather than seeking a greater good, they think of themselves as reinforced by the media, leaving the weak and poor to fend for themselves, with no capital, no means of advancements in position, and often no means to get funds to pay for what they need to survive.

My point being is that there is no justice in that. Every time capitalism blows itself up again (which they know occurs approximately every 10 years or so), they look to the government for funding and aid, and everyone becomes a whiny bitch. And even in times of prosperity, they still rely on government regulations on foreign investment and foreign enterprise, the protection of forgotten and dying arts, and so much more bullshit that it is just ridiculous to even bother looking to capitalism. Yes, capitalism does have its advantages, as does socialism have its disadvantages, but the fact is that if the government is the source of capitalistic success, then there is no point in even investing time into capitalism. A government for the people, of the people is ideal. Socialism is something that provides economic and political stability which is what businesses look for and it is essential for establishing an ideal environment for enterprise.
There are examples of socialist governments around the world that are succeeding and providing the best and ideal quality of life for its citizens, with very little repercussions. Some of these countries include Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, all of which were rated among the top 10 countries in the world for quality of life as of 2008. Another example of this was the former Soviet Union when they had freshly adopted communism. They had quickly exceeded the rate of Germany's economic development in the late 1800s and Japan's economic development in the the early 1900s. They had eventually even become the leading producers in oil, iron and goal AROUND THE WORLD! So proof of communistic success exists, however it is often poorly executed.

And this wasn't just targeted to Lopez, but everyone.
"The Ultimate Form of Treason is the Treacherous Use of Reason." - Protest the Hero
"Ignorance is the Root of Fear, Fear is the kindling of Anger." - Bad Religion

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