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Old 10-10-2009, 10:00 PM
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When halo first came out i thought to my self gay an army versing aliens how un relistic is this crap.

I waited about 2 years after it was released to finally rent it out on xbox from blockbuster.

Me and my cousin played the co-op campaign and it was AWESOME i loved it.

The second one was pretty good but i just started to lose my fun with the game.

Me and a couple buddies would go over to certain buddys house and light up a few and play halo 2 multiplayer for hours.

We even took it to the next level and rented out an Imax screen to play xbox on for a couple hours it was pretty fun.

All n all im done with the halo series didnt even play halo 3.
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halo 3, halo osdt, halo reach, xbox 360

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