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\nWolfire is doing something for the charity Child\'s Play and EFF.
\nYou can pay whatever you want for these five DRM-free games.
\nThe Humble Indie Bundle:
\n- World of Goo
\n- Aquaria
\n- Gish
\n- Lugaru HD
\n- Penumbra: Overture
\n- Samorost 2 *NEWLY ADDED*
\nYou can pay though paypal, amazon and google checkout.
\nAs a buyer, you\'re also able to arrange how many of your money you want donated to the charity and/or the developers.
\nWhere to get this bundle? Here:
\nNOTE: There\'s 6 days and 8 hours left until the deal expires.
\nSource: Wolfire Games\r\n
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\r\n \r\n it goes to charity guys so its all good..... i think\r\n
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\r\n Ninja!!! \r\n
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Old 05-10-2010, 11:02 PM
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it goes to charity guys so its all good..... i think
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