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Old 10-14-2010, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by zeek View Post
$4-800 still could buy all the systems for the max price, yes you can get free games, but in some cases it's not completely legal or secure.

But then again you can get a Free IPOD touch, by clicking an add.

And yes you can get anything discounted, not just computer stuff, I Bought a motorcycle for $50, completely legal, and sold it for $6400, after changing the fuel line.
In this day and age - Only the elderly and complete morons would be clicking those ads for free games and get ripped off and/or viruses on their rig.

You have services like STEAM, SOE (Sony Online Entertainment), GOG, MTX, Windows LIVE that are giving you and others WITH NO STRINGS attached.

You even have TV commercials for games like Lord Of The Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online and other stuff...

Freeware is a choice. For some like me, it's the only choice because NO GAME COMPANY is getting my money. Period. But computer gamer have a choice in OS they pick - One that is retail or others that are free or legal. They also have a choice in games mainstream retail, indie retail or freeware. Choices that are not available elsewhere.


Yeah on the bike thing - I once got a bike for free through Craiglist. A 1957 Schwinn Hornet. Restore it (new seat) and while riding it during a marathon with my kids a fellow biker made me a offer I could not refuse...I had to take a ride with a friend home
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