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Holy crap, it looks like sex, but it feels good (Am I the only one? lol just kidding)

People were speculating how it would work.... but lo and behold... it works, and people say its beautiful. It's going to be able to play 3D movies, games, and you can adjust the amount of the 3D you want with a slider lol. Just fucking awesome, and made Nintendo own the show again (First Motion controls, and now 3D gaming w/o glasses).

So they also got a massive game line up for it:

ninja gaiden, kingdom hearts, ff, dragon quest, sonic, super monkey ball, mgs3, paper mario, ghost recon, saints row, splinter cell, star fox 64,resident evil, street fighter, contra, ridge racer, nintendogs, mario kart, kid icarus, animal crossing and Assassins Creed.

So uhm...... who wants to front with Nintendo again?
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