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Default Will show a new grief tactic in TF2 for 5 bucks


through Paypal.

I know how to block blu team in spawn in the third map of dustbowl. It requires only 2 people at minimum. More people(3-4) will be at ultra grief level.

It uses teles to block the two stairs where you cant jump or walk around so they are forced to use the long hallway(even that griefs if you do not block long hallway)

It is extremely effective and is pretty much gamebreaking. The long hallway needs to be blocked, teles work a little (block the newbs who havent figured out how to crouch jump, but if you have 2 engys building teles there its pretty much blocked)

i need the 5 dollars to get saints row 2 for 5 dollars on d2d, lol

btw, does d2d charge tax?
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