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Default Collateral Murder

Released recently on wikileaks was a video of American soldiers gunning down innocent civilians and REUTERS journalists, both of them being Iraqi, from a chopper. In the video the soldiers mistook the cameras as weapons and killed this group of civilians and 1 of the journalists. The other journalist, attempting to crawl away to safety, just barely living was being picked up by a van driving around to look for wounded people and survivors. Also in this van were 2 children. These soldiers waited for an excuse to shoot this van to pieces. They had none, shot the van anyways. The only survivors were the 2 children, who were severely wounded....

These soldiers enjoyed every moment of this slaughter. They congratulated each other, said "Look at those dead bastards. Good shooting." This really just..... hurts me. I really can't understand..... This isn't liberation, this is genocide. This is only one case which has been released. No doubt infinitely more of these.......

Here's the video.... you be the judge.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the army tried to cover up the mistake with lies? More information in this interview.

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