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If you lived in NYC I would tell you to take a free course with some of the Library groups to help you.

The best book to get would be "ComptiaŽ A+ 2009 In Depth" by Jean Andrews ISBN: - 1435454898.

That book series was the standard for what I use before I retired.

You need to know Windows Vista *vomits*, Windows XP and Windows 2000 (lightly) for both parts of the exam.

If you're new to PC repair and maintenance, I would suggest letting all of your friends knows to dump their old and malfunctioning PCs and Laptops your way. The best way to learn is to do.

Another good way to learn is to volunteer at a non-profit as an intern so that you can get some hands-on.

If you are not new to PC repair and maintenance - most you have to do is learn the correct terms and 'proper procedure' (command lines).

Once you're done studying you should take some practice test. Some libraries have free test taking software that you can use on their machines like 'Visual CertExam Suite' which normally you would have to pay for.

Good luck and hope this helps ya,
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