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Originally Posted by tonytober View Post
Hey guyz,
I have:
-i7 875K OCed to 3.5Ghz
-2X Ati Radeon HD5850 (Crossfired, means 2GB of Video RAM)
-4GB DDR3 1600Mhz
-Win7 64-bit
-Creative SoundBlaster Fatal1ty Titanium
-DirectX 11

I'm raising everything maxed out and I'm lagging at 15 FPS. Can anyone tell me why ? In Crysis, I maxed out and made 49FPS benched average. GTA 4 is not possibly more crazy than Crysis... Please reply and help. I appreciate it
I'd say GTA IV is more stressful than Crysis as far as CPU power goes, but you shouldn't be getting 15FPS with that setup. One thing to note is that GTA IV isn't really GPU-bound outside of its obscene video memory requirements. Your crossfire 5850's have far less to do in GTA IV than they do in Crysis.

Not sure what would be causing it, and I'm not sure what to suggest apart from the standard checklist.
  • Do a general PC maintenance run. Clean off some HDD space, defrag (not if you're using an SSD, though), make sure your drivers are up to date, make sure you have the latest Application Profile add-on for your video drivers, etc.
  • Make sure your system isn't overheating and getting throttled down.
  • Turn off GTA IV's clip capture feature if you don't plan on using it.
  • Don't set traffic density higher than 50 or so (definitely not 100). There's really no benefit, it just makes driving a chore and is more of a performance drain than it's worth.
  • Try dropping the primary shadow setting to High (you can leave night shadows on Very High). The shadowing system isn't the most optimized and I think even high-end systems might have issues with Very High.

ATI will be releasing the 10.8 drivers on Wednesday, so if you're going to do a system maintenance run I'd do it then so you can get everything done at once. If you do update to the 10.8's don't forget to also install the application profiles since they contain all of the game-specific settings for crossfire.

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