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Default Problem with nvidia gt220 update.[FIXED]


Hey guys i was wondering if you could help me.

my problem is that right now im using 186.34 drivers for my display card and whenever i update to 191 or 197 it works and my version is updated, but the problem is that with these version my computer keeps freezing randomly at some games and requires a manual reboot , now if i upgrade it to any other version above 197, after restart the computer says, display driver could not be found, UPDATE VIDEO BIOS. now when i revert back to my old 186 version everything goes back to normal , no freezes or glitches in game everything runs smoothly.
would anyone of you know how to fix these problems? i tried everything from a clean uninstall of drivers using Driver Cleaner Pro in safemood after uninstalling drivers from the control panel, and it still doesnt work, same problems everytime.

EDIT: i fixed it now.
i downloaded sp46253.exe , it basically updated my bios and updated my card to version 197 and after that i just uninstalled drivers properly to futher update and when i tured my computer on, windows automatically updated it to the latest 266.
isnt that great?

so help if you can

P.S can it be that i have to install drivers turn by turn like if its 191 i have to update to the next version first and then the next one after that instead of skipping to the latest?
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