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Originally Posted by JayVGR View Post
the mytouch is cool, but its just a slimmer, slightly upgraded G1.

I am waiting for the next android phone to come to T-Mobile to pick it up.
Keep with your patience, I'm sure it's going to pay off sometime in the near future. I've got a good buddy who's working for T-Mobile and there's a whole new line of phones that should be dropping within the next couple of months. There's a few rumors that Google will finally unveil their own Android phone sometime in the new future as well. Keep an eye out!

I'll probably be upgrading to the myTouch here pretty soon. I really liked the G1 but everyone I know with one has horrible battery life. Apparently the myTouch steps it up there, and it's got everything else I really need in a phone. We'll see what they have to offer by Christmas though.
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