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Dragon Age : Origins

this is a 3rd person rpg game, you can choose which class you are, either be a human, elves, dwarf (not sure because i was excited to play it already) then depending on these classes you will get a different storyline and opening sequence (based on what i have read) i just tried the human with swords skill.. then there is tedious editing of the character stats, visual appearance from head to toe... for those who likes a simpler aproach like me, there is a quickplay button which skips the editing and gives you a preset setting, so that is what i did... then a cutscene followed, by the way, i did not like the cutscenes in this game, it is not high quality defined.. even the opening cutscene is not amazing.. after the cutscene, now begins the boring part of the game.. the beginning of the question and answer dialogue part of the game... you are assigned to find a person, but the problem is i can't seem to find him, instead i am to talk to various peoples, which after talking sprouts out various quests, i was frustrated because i am still not able to finish my inital quest and then i am assigned various other quests already which was very much confusing.. i played running here and there trying to finish the quest but i failed, until i retired from the game already.. i did not get to see the fight scences grrr... as for the graphics quality, it was just average for me, not a breakthrough, in fact borderlands graphics was more eyecandy for me than this.. you can zoom in and out the camera to your viewing reference. what is noteable was the facial expressions of the characters, it was very emotional, just like i admired the facial expressions of mass effect.. so that was a plus for me.. the sound was average.. there i a party system, i just talked to a certain guy then he joined me automatically... there are also magic spells and slots on where to place them as hotkeys..

upon playing the game thoroughly i found out that it was not that bad after all, the voice acting and speeches was superb! the fight sequence was also grat, you can control any members of your party anytime during fight, and equip weapons and armors to your party mates. the cutscenes is very much reminiscent to the lord of the rings you can get loots from dead enemies.. it really is now addictive and you would be clamoring in what is going to happen next... therefore my final rating is now 9/10

- lovely facial expressions
- deep storyline
- zoom in and out view
- magnificent voice acting
- dynamic fight sequence

- i was bored with the dialogue sequences
- had problems finding waypoints

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