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Post Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Ok, my take on MW2 by "Infinity ward" is probably a little harsh by most standards. The reason for this being that I generally as a rule have a rather distaste for any FPS squad based game I come across. However, this is far from what I expected.

The first mission in the game isn't a mission really, it is simply a basic training exercise. You get an overview of your controls and weapon uses. 8/10

The story line is pretty good in my opinion. there are a couple dull parts but those times are quickly dissipated when the next area comes. However this seems fairly typical to me regarding warfare based FPS's. 8/10

Your best friend in this game is your melee, believe it or not. All of your other weapons are easy to use and you quickly get accustomed to using zoom at every opportunity to increase your accuracy. There are no "super weapons" at the end levels like many games, you simply use your movement, zoom, and flanking abilities to achieve the best result. 7/10

The AI truly stands out at some points, for both good and bad. In time of using flanking maneuvers and trying to use smoke grenades and the like, the AI shows its flaws. I truly enjoy using smoke grenades to confuse and disorient enemies. However the AI sees through the smoke every time I throw a grenade, thus my plans have a bad habit of going awry. On the flip side the enemies are good at out maneuvering you team at times and really causing a headache. 7/10

The controls are decent, nothing to great, they will get the job done. What I do find very well done is the amount of controls. There are enough buttons to do/use all features and not confuse the player. You get all of your normal controls primary/secondary fire, sprint, melee, and a few other than movement keys. You can easily learn the commands and begin using them within the first two or so levels. 9/10

As for my experience in playing a game in a genre that I see as questionable at best, I truly enjoyed this game.
I give it a 8.5/10

I know people like to get inside info on games before buying them. If this critic has helped anyone decide one way or the other then I have done my piece. Also, a grand thanks to "JayVGR" for being very kind and hosting the event where I was lucky enough to win a copy of this game.
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