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Default Frag Fx V2


My brother -in-law got me MW2 last christmas with the hopes that we could play together online. Until a few weeks ago I really wanted nothing to do with that game on PS3. Now that I have found a controller that is a nice compromise between PC and PS3 I have been getting on and playing with him a couple times a week.

The item is the Frag Fx V2 controller. It works like a dream. This is the only way (currently) to get a mouse to work in-game on a PS3. Take a look, do some research. You might find you want to give it a try.

(BTW, im truly horrible with analog sticks on the ps3. Thats why I wanted to find an alternative :P)

Take a look, lemme know what you think. I read that this works for windows too. Just not windows7, yet. This isnt meant as an advertisement. I just want to help out anyone who might have buddies that play consoles, and the might feel a little left out when it somes to skills with those wretched controllers lol
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