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Originally Posted by ChrisDok77 View Post
i dont think this game is well, what people say it is.
im pretty sure the only reason its getting so many sales, is because its call of duty. if it was say team fortress 3, no one would give a flying ferret.
sure, its a good game, but not the best. definately, not the best.
In total agreement here. Although I am not sure about the TF3 thing.

It may well be a good game but I don't think it deserves all the hype it gets. Multiplayer for instant doesn't look good. I mean only 9 players? PC can handle so much more and bring much more fun with it Also another bad thing about multiplayer is that system it has after so many kills you get that nuke weapon or whatever it is and just total win. That just makes it complete unfair unless this is changed since first released.
One thing that I like about the game is that Spec Ops mode though. It looks great fun.
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