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Default Castlevania The Bloodletting download


Any die hard Castlevania fan will know that there is an unreleased game for the Sega 32X that was canceled called Castlevania - The Bloodletting. The Sega 32X was not selling well and Konami feared to release the game on it, so they reworked what they had and made Symphony of the Night.

1846, just two years after the man-wolf Cornell defeated Count Dracula the countryside basked in peace and prosperity. The darkness of the land had been lifted and all was well. But on a beautiful easter evening as the people of the land celebrated, a shadow loomed in the distance. It brought forth madness and chaos and the evil in men's hearts returned.

Harker Belmont, the son of Richter Belmont and the heir to the Vampire Killer returned home to find the village in flames and the evil servants of Dracula endlessly slaughtering the villagers. In the distance, he saw Dracula's castle. Knowing the tribulations he was about to face, he set out for the castle with only his whip and courage. Harker prayed for the guidance of God and the power of his father Richter, of which whom died ten years earlier, to seal Dracula away for eternity. All the while, a lone question lingered in his mind. Why is Dracula alive and who resurrected him?

System Requirements
OS: Windows 98 SE or higher
CPU: 800 Mhz
Video: 128 Mb
Memory: 64 Mb
Hard Drive: 40.3 Mb
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