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It's okay, and truly, I'll say OK, if you're playing on a console, you need a good quality TV, the reason I say this, is because the text is so unclear, and so small that it's hard to see on a 36 inch (NON HD) Tv.

The stealth function is a little horrible, Personally if you're standing still you should be invisible, I realize this would promote camping, but what can you do? I just hate sitting there for half a second and seeing someone just see me.

Also, I find snipers a little under powered, 2 body shots to kill someone, it's bad, you really need to head shot, but the registry isn't that great either, I stood directly behind someone SCOPED IN, at their head, and it missed, 4 times... They turned around and killed me with 1 hit from a shot gun.... Truly I'd give the Demo, a 6 / 10

Speaking of shotguns, they're a little MW2 shotties
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