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Originally Posted by jamie1992 View Post
Hey Jay, just a quick message about the 1 post per day requirement, i personally think thats a tad high, if you are someone like me, who isn't always at home, and so dosen't always have access to the internet, then it proves VERY hard to keep at one post per day, and in a way, it kinda encourages people to spam. Lets be honest there aren't that many threads of which to talk on, or that many active i agree there are a few, but if you fall behind quite badly and want to catch up, its either A) Very hard or B) Possible by only Spamming other threads.

Any if say like me, you sometimes go weeks without internet or being at home, or even in the same city, then as i said it could prove hard, maybe we could find a inbetween that works so that people become active, but not so much so that, people who want to be active can't be.

Maybe it is just me who thinks this, i am not sure, im just saying what i personally think.

Hope this feedback so to speak, is useful in someway.
I respect your opinion, but seriously 1 post per day isn't high at all.
Off course if you don't always have the time to get in the internet it might not be very easy. If your post count is less then 1 post per day then it just means you're very inactive. If you don't think the existing threads have something really useful (in your opinion) to say then you could always make a new thread which seems useful to you.
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