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Sniping is pretty much always my favorite activity in multiplayer FPSes.

I'm definitely interested in this game. First sniper-focused game I can think of since Sniper Elite. Sniper Elite was great, but the WWII setting was a bit plain. Moving into a jungle environment is a huge plus, I think.

So, this looks nice for what it is. If I could have my dream sniper game, though, it would be a one-on-one sniper-versus-sniper multiplayer game. Bear with me here: vast, detailed jungle environments, and extremely, extremely slow-paced gameplay. I'm definitely in a minority of thinking this sounds like fun, but I'd love to play a sniper deathmatch where a kill only occurs every 15 minutes or so on average. I can't imagine the sort of tension that could build. For that matter, I imagine two truly great, patient, dedicated players sneaking around a jungle for an hour or more, before one of them finally makes a mistake, and lets the other get them lined up in their sights.

Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm insane for thinking that sounds amusing, but, eh. Would be unique, at least

Anyways, yeah. Keeping an eye on this one. City Interactive isn't exactly an A-list developer, though, so, I'm not gonna get my hopes up too high.

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