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Originally Posted by The Pie Fairy View Post
I am kinda new to it, (started learning starting of the school year), but im the top student in the class..... lowest grade on a test i got was a 98.5% highest was 102%... i will look up the book, im good with windows XP, Windows vista i just hate but im using it right now and windows 2000..... what parts do i have to know?
Hardware, Operating Systems, Procedure and Protocol when dealing with customers, Form Factors, Power Supplies, Motherboards, Processors, Upgrading Memory, Hard Drives, Installing and Supporting I/O Devices, Multimedia Devices and Mass Storage, PC Maintenance and Trouble Shooting Strategies, Installing Windows XP, Vista and 2000 (possible errors alone the way and where are they coming from), Maintaining and Optimizing Windows, Fixing and Solving Windows Problems by error messages alone, Networking, Security Practices and Essentials, Laptop/Netbook and Printer support.

I do volunteer work at a children's center and I help all of the kids that get their working papers and that show interest in PCs get their A+ certification. It's an informal thing, nothing structured but the kids that always pass are those that practice what they read or learn on the fly over and over again.
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