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Left 4 Dead 2

this is a FPS game about a group of 4 individuals trapped in a city and only way to escape is to face hordes of flesh eating zombies.. this second installment is much better in terms of graphics and gameplay quality compared to the original.. the graphics now is much more crisp and vivid.. in gameplay however, you can now get plenty of melee weapons ingame like samurai, baseball bat, chainsaws, crowbar etc.. various variety of guns are also available in the base such as sniper rifles, m16 rifles and these guns can now be equipped with infra red sights.. the game also has online multiplayer support for added replayability.. there are also mini missions ingame like for example delivering a coca cola bottle to a man in the roof, quite funny the rest of the gameplay stays intact like the first installment.. i highly recommend this game to zombie fans out there and this game is really worth it! i rate this game 9/10

- great graphics
- online multiplayer support
- large variety of guns and melee weapons
- achievements system

- no map to know where to go so you will use your instinct to find the right way.. there are times i got lost.
- some mission objectives are quite unrealistic and funny

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