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ChrisDok77 03-15-2010 05:10 PM

This app (Run!) is rediculously addicting. there is a lite version if you want to try it but the full version is 100X better. my best score was somthing like 6000 in quick mode, which put me at 87th in the world :) :)

Shadowtek 03-15-2010 06:50 PM

hmm, do you have a link we could follow? I'll check it out if you can point me in the right direction. (is it for Ipod?)

noob1230 03-15-2010 10:00 PM

its sounds cool

heyzeus11 03-17-2010 03:46 PM

your not gonna describe the game at all?

ChrisDok77 03-20-2010 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by heyzeus11 (Post 19181)
your not gonna describe the game at all?

lol, thats why i said to dl the lite version,
if you REALLY want a description, its a mix of parkour and zombie killing... :S

johndept1 06-01-2010 12:18 AM

what game i describe.

Hostile 06-01-2010 01:03 AM

Isn't that the Canabalt-like game that isn't Canabalt?

musicworld1 06-29-2010 01:48 AM

Its working is cool.

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