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-{NBD)- killawolf 11-23-2009 05:29 PM

Source Confirms PSP2 For 2010

Okay, so the PSP Go is on store shelves alongside the older PSP-3000 model. But everyone still wants to know if the PSP2 will become a reality, and the latest piece of news essentially confirms the new handheld's existence.

According to BSN, the new generation of portable technology from Sony will indeed arrive next year and feature PowerVR SGX543 graphics. We learn that past rumors were also mostly true, as their sources tell us the PSP2 has been in development since 2008 and exactly one year ago today, Sony unofficially announced the selection of Imagination Technologies' SGX graphics processor. Earlier today, we heard something similar in regards to the potential tech leaks for the PS4 and new PSP, which is starting to become clearer and more legitimate. It also seems obvious that Sony will push forward with the freshly released PSP Go and replace the PSP-3000 with the PSP2...although we're starting to wonder if the PSP Go will have enough going for it to compete with the new portable option. Either way, it's going to be an interesting year for handheld electronic units. BSN says they know when Sony plans to put the PSP2 on store shelves but will only say it'll launch within "the next 12 months."

We should also add that price will be a definite factor as well; the $250 price tag for the PSP Go hasn't gone over well.

heyzeus11 11-23-2009 05:59 PM

2nd joystick?

Goliath77 11-23-2009 06:08 PM

Haha. I knew the PSPGo was a complete waste...

-{NBD)- killawolf 11-23-2009 08:16 PM

yes you did

Originally Posted by Goliath77 (Post 422)
I personally think this is just a last grab at money for the PSP, until it is actually evolved into a powerful handheld. In a business perspective, it is actually a fairly smart move. They pull in what they can with the obsolete technology with almost no extra cost on production and rake in the newbies. Then they come back with force with everything the people demanded and BAM! Sitting ontop of mountains of cash on the first day of release.

marksman_sniper 11-24-2009 04:55 AM

If it's a really good portable gaming Machine, I'll get it.

Balious 11-24-2009 06:29 AM

Well the first one I use but not for the PSP itself. I actually use it with ps1 games.

marksman_sniper 11-24-2009 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by Balious (Post 14161)
Well the first one I use but not for the PSP itself. I actually use it with ps1 games.

lol can you do that? Are PS1 games PSP compatible?

mclovinit 11-24-2009 04:43 PM

well let's see if the GFX are really improved, and what features it will have.

Balious 11-24-2009 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by marksman_sniper (Post 14188)
lol can you do that? Are PS1 games PSP compatible?

You need to mod your PSP or something first. My friend did it for me and now I can play old games on it. Such as PS1, Snes, GBA and so on.

($W3)HUMM3R 12-09-2009 11:03 AM

I really want a psp right now but i don't wanna buy a psp if psp2 is just around the corner.
I hate it that i always want to buy the things right before a new "version" is released. :(
Like with my GPU.
I bought a 4890 and 1 month later. BAM! 5000 series. >_>
Well, I guess it's the price i have to pay for not keeping myself informed. :P

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