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-{NBD)- killawolf
12-04-2009, 05:10 PM
At any point while playing Borderlands have you thought to yourself, “You know, this Borderlands place isn’t nearly big enough to accommodate all of my open-world needs. I wish the game world were significantly larger and filled with much more post-apocalyptic role-playing shooting madness”?

Probably not, but the folks over at Superannuation (via Blue’s News) spotted a trademark extension application filed by Gearbox recently for a game entitled Borderworlds. Gearbox original filed for the trademark back in 2007, but clearly nothing came of it, unless of course Borderworlds was the original, less stylized incarnation of Borderlands that the developer scrapped once they saw the more cell shaded-ish version in action. Or it could be a sequel/prequel developed by unicorns and pixies, which is exactly what I’m going to think until I hear something official.

And while we’re on the subject of Borderlands, Gearbox announced via Twitter that it will be releasing DLC and an update for the PC version of the game soon, so stay tuned.