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10-26-2009, 03:54 AM
Fallen Earth, which after watching the small video, APPEARED to be a good looking game, as does any MMORPG-FPS but that's not the case. After having to turn administrator mode, on my computer, just to launch the failed excuse of a game. I found it to be clunky, It failed at the 2 things it managed to call itself, a RPG, and a FPS, really you can say it failed at 3, RPG, FPS, and MMO considering no one will ever play this game.

Though the game was terrible, and it took me 2 minutes to decide, that the questing, FPS, and graphics were terrible. The game has one point that leads past a lot of others, it has the ability of creativity, you can create your own weapons, which is a factor that a lot of games don't have. (If you want to be creative, get Garry's Mod)

My general review of this game was a whopping 0 out of a possible 10 stars...

Along with having 4 gigs of ram, a pretty good Video Card, and an overall gaming computer, the graphics / world models in the game were all ... Hate to say it, fucked... The game, would constantly flash in and out, and when walking / running a black square would cover your screen, because everything was packed together terribly.

Not to mention a $15 a month game fee, that was a pain in the ass alone to cancel...

My suggestion, is if you're looking at this game, or even get to the point of CONSIDERING this game, don't, if you happen to waste $50, like myself, feel free to slit the wrists like this game made me want to do. :mad: I would have been better off doing so

.. Also if you happen to enjoy this game, they have a very bad idea, and that would be to delete any non active characters, past 90 days of inactivity, ALSO, the site thanks the players who are still playing, because truly it's a beg of "God damn this game is truly bad"

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Well, I grabbed one of the trial keys today, downloaded the client and hopped in.

The game looked decent to me, the graphics aren't bleeding edge and the art is pretty good, minus the 4.65 million+ bushes in every square foot outside.

I was having a decent amount of fun, completed the tutorial, picked a starting town and away I went. I get to the town and am told to get some supplies from a barrel right next to the quest NPC. Easy enough, I think. I was wrong, the barrel was bugged and I was to low level for any other quest. Not game ending, I go out to find some mobs to p3w p3w and get my ding on so I could get back to doing the other intro quests. So I'm out killing some funky chickens and the lag hits, mobs come running at you at near light speed, damage is delayed for days, and looting is so messed up I give up on it. I start getting frustrated by the lag and let my guard down. I pulled too many chickens without healing and died. That's right, I just admitted to dying to the noob mobs and it wasn't lag's fault.

Again, no big deal, I'll respawn back in town and should be able to get quests. Click "OK" to respawn and nothing. Wait 10 minutes, still nothing. Go ahead and logout, BIG mistake. Couldn't even see any toons at character select, so I exit, restart. Wait 5 minutes, toon shows up, but login won't work.

Kind of sad, I like the feel of this game, maybe I'll come back if they get some better hardware on their end.

10-26-2009, 04:01 AM
By the way, if you want to try the game, MMORPG.com has been given 4000 copies of a trial version,